Language: English.
Genre: Thriller
ISBN: 978-988-8167-33-3
Format: Pbk. pp. 352.
Size: 110mm. wide by 180mm high.
Published by Proverse Hong Kong, 20 November 2012.
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Set in Beijing and Hong Kong, ARTICLE 109 is a high-octane, page-turning thriller. A young solicitor, investigating the suicide of his former colleague, unravels a conspiracy to cause chaos on the financial markets by instigating the downfall of one of Asia's richest tycoons. ARTICLE 109, Joint-Winner of the Proverse Prize 2011, lifts the lid on Hong Kong’s fragile status as an international financial centre and the role it plays in China’s unrelenting march towards becoming the most powerful global economic superpower.

PETER GREGOIRE was born in the United Kingdom, and moved to Hong Kong in May 2003. Currently the head of the legal department for the Hong Kong subsidiary of one of the world's largest general insurance groups, Peter has also worked for the regulatory authorities in Hong Kong and as a private practice commercial litigation lawyer in the City of London. During his career, Peter has been responsible for implementing anti-money laundering and anti-fraud compliance systems, dealing with ICAC investigations and litigating complex financial frauds through both the English and Hong Kong courts.
Peter Gregoire has been writing fiction since 2006 and his stories have been published in a wide range of anthologies. His short story, 'Dispute Resolution', won the senior category prize in the 2008 Standard/RTHK competition and a consultation with Pan Macmillan. Article 109, a fast-paced financial crime thriller in which Peter draws on his inside knowledge of working in the financial services industry and his experience of the subtle political and economic relationships between Hong Kong and China, is his first full-length novel and Joint-Winner of the 2011 International Proverse Prize.
Gregoire currently lives with his wife, Isa, his son, Luke and his oversized basset-hound, Dumbo, in Hong Kong.

Amazon review:
5.0 out of 5 stars Thoroughly enjoyable, 28 Dec 2012 By "Eastlife"
This modern-day legal thriller was a surprise page-turner. Set in Hong Kong, the ever-thriving financial hub of Asia, its clever plot and suspenseful storyline is sure to keep you hooked. I liked the well-compartmentalised structure of chapters, which made it easy for me to follow through. I would recommend this book if you like crime fiction with a contemporary twist.

Amazon review:
5.0 out of 5 stars Article 109, 1 Jan 2013 By "Sophie":
An exciting and well crafted novel. The division of the book into relatively short chapters racks up the continuing suspense as each chapter ends on a tantalising note with the reader wanting more. The absence of any major sub-plots concentrates the reader's attention on the main gripping story. The detailed description of locations and events enables the reader to visualise the action as it takes place, especially for those who know Hong Kong well. The author certainly knows his stuff! The nail-biting climax certainly parallels the best of time honoured crime fiction.

Purchase and details link: Article 109

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