ISBN 9789881993212
Pbk. 128pp. inc. 16 colour pp.
5.83 in. wide by 8.27 in. high.
Published March 2011.
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RUPERT CHAN is a university administrator, award-winning playwright and lyricist, and a well-known versatile translator, writer, radio host, and opera commentator. Many are in his debt for his English sur-titles and sub-titles for Cantonese operas and films. He is Chairman of Directors of the Chung Ying Theatre Company and a Director of the Composers' and Authors' Society of Hong Kong (CASH). He has been an adviser on opera and drama to the Hong Kong Government's Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Chocolate's Brown Study in the Bag is Chan's second book in English.

Chan received the Hong Kong Artists' Guild Playwright of the Year Award in 1990. He wrote the lyrics in Mandarin of Nine Regions Singing As One, composed by Professor Chan Wing-wah for the 1997 Hong Kong Reunification with China (sung by Warren Mok and Choir), which won the Most Performed Original Local Serious Work Award from the Composers' and Authors' Society of Hong Kong. He received the Home Affairs Bureau Certificate of Commendation for making outstanding achievements in the promotion of arts and culture in 2004.

The Narrator of CHOCOLATE'S BROWN STUDY IN THE BAG is a thirty-three month old chocolate-coloured toy poodle, born in Australia and flown to Hong Kong for sale in a pet-shop. He has become a well-loved addition to a middle-class Hong Kong Chinese family who take him everywhere, sometimes (when the place is forbidden to dogs) hidden in a bag. Paradoxically, when zipped up in the pitch black darkness inside the bag and naturally entering into a brown study, he enters the colourful world of dreams, reviewing in them his past and present life. As Chocolate tells his tale, we learn his human family's habits, history, hobbies, education, professions, relationships, aspirations and thoughts. We meet his doggie friends and learn about the special world that Hong Kong dog-owners inhabit. Unexpectedly, we also partake of the small dog's wisdom and learn the secret of happiness.

"Rupert Chan has a light, humorous touch. Delightful. Witty." —Proverse Prize Judges, 2009.

Purchase and details link: Chocolate's Brown Study in the Bag
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