Joint-Winner International Proverse Prize (2010)
Language: English.
Genre: Fiction (Novel)
ISBN: 978-988-19932-3-6
Format: Pbk. 184.
Size: 21mm. wide by 145mm.
Published Proverse Hong Kong, 22 November 2011.
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After graduating from St Andrews University, GILLIAN JONES worked as a teacher in many parts of the world, including Spain, Portugal, and Colombia. Later, after specialist training in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, she was sent by the British Council as an ELT expert to Teheran where she met and married her husband. On returning to the United Kingdom she spent three years as a writer and producer in television. Gillian has two sons and now lives in the South of England.

Gillian Jones wrote A MISTED MIRROR as a response to her late husband Keith Jones's illness with Parkinson's Disease and to his poetry. Structured around the poetry, the novel imagines and explores the life together of a fictional couple, Sarah and David, with flashbacks to before they met, and chronicles David's later decline with Parkinson's Disease and dementia. Early readers have found it a powerful and compelling story, of a young man sowing wild oats in Africa, confronting his demons in the hothouse of a London arts community, and finding pleasure and satisfaction in a second marriage, family and career. The results of his illness come as a heart-rending contrast but mitigated by a generous late flowering of his poetry.

"A haunting, harrowing and very bravely-written memoir, presented as fiction. Gillian Jones re-discovers the man she was married to in more depth and detail than in the years of their marriage. This is a human, heartfelt read, an important book in its rawness and depth."—Patricia McCarthy, Editor, Agenda Poetry.

"This book will help anyone who is feeling guilty that they are not superhuman; not always the perfect loving carer that they would like to be."—Joy Watkins, Development Lead Uniting Carers, Dementia UK

"This book is mainly about beautiful poetry written by a man who died of dementia. It has now been crafted into prose, as 'fiction based on fact', by his widow. Gillian Jones's prose provides the setting that makes this poetry accessible to many."—Dr Nick Clarke, Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry, MBBS, MRCPsych, MD.

"This book should be on every doctor's and nurse's reading list."—Dr Catherine Brogan, MBBS MSc FFPHM

Purchase and details link: A Misted Mirror

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