"THE COMPLETE COURT CASES OF MAGISTRATE FREDERICK STEWART as Reported in The China Mail, July 1881 to March 1882"

ISBN 9789881772411. 800pp. including Index, Bibliography, Notes.
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1. Stewart, Frederick, 1836-1889 2.Stewart, Frederick, 1836-1889 Archives.
3. Criminal courts China Hong Kong History 19th century.
4. Criminal courts China Hong Kong History 19th century Sources.
5. Police magistrates China Hong Kong History 19th century.
6. Police magistrates China Hong Kong History 19th century Sources.
7. Hong Kong (China) Social conditions 19th century.
8. Hong Kong (China) Social conditions 19th century Sources.

THE COMPLETE COURT CASES OF MAGISTRATE FREDERICK STEWART as Reported in The China Mail, July 1881 to March 1882

EDITOR: Dr Gillian Bickley.
PREFACE: The Hon. Mr Justice Bokhary PJ, Court of Final Appeal, Hong Kong SAR.
INDEX: Dr Verner Bickley.
ESSAY by Dr Ian Grant.

A carefully edited and annotated transcription of newspaper reports of the cases of one of the two police magistrates sitting in Hong Kong at a particularly lively period in Hong Kong history.

With analyses and background documentation of specific offences (e.g. against the Opium and Gambling Ordinances), detailed references to historical Ordinances, and a careful index by Verner Bickley providing additional means for exploiting this material.

In his "Preface", The Hon. Mr Justice Bokhary PJ, Court of Final Appeal, Hong Kong SAR, explains the historical context and continuing importance in Hong Kong of the Magistrate's Court, which he describes as, "at the frontline of the administration of justice".

In a scholarly essay, Dr Ian Grant compares the work of Magistrate Frederick Stewart and his equivalent Scottish contemporaries.

Useful for historians and students of colonial law and colonial administration, of Hong Kong (China) legal and social history.

Gives fresh insights into the behaviour and habits of various types of people, and of private and family life.

Includes some dialogue, with examples of pidgin English.

Extends our knowledge and understanding of nineteenth century Hong Kong law, policing, and court practice.

Documents incidents involving members of the Hong Kong Police Force, District Watchmen, other security (including private security) officers and similar and related groups (e.g. court interpreters, expert witnesses).

Provides the names of hundreds of individuals otherwise not easily found: -- accountants, amahs, bullies, candidates for the Chinese Imperial Examinations, carpenters, Chinese students returning from the USA, detectives, emigrants, farmers, fishermen, gold-diggers, immigrants, informers, labourers, pirates, prostitutes, sailors, shopkeepers, soldiers, students, tailors, teachers, traffickers in human beings, young boys and girls.

Some known names appear: -- a notorious Triad leader, a famous photographer, a well-known barrister or two, Protestant and Roman Catholic missionaries, Government Servants, Senior Members of the Police Force.

The Irish Roman Catholic Governor of the time, John Pope Hennessy, was controversial and active in law and penal reform. His veracity was often doubted. The detailed and specific information presented here is a useful tool for correcting and extending the existing record.

Throws additional light on Frederick Stewart (considered the Founder of Hong Kong Government Education), a prominent and admired official, whose biography (The Golden Needle by Gillian Bickley, Editor of The Complete Court Cases) first appeared in 1997.

Frederick Stewart had an earlier period as Police Magistrate (1876-1877). Both this and his earlier period as Coroner ran parallel with part of his direct service within the sphere of Hong Kong Government Education (1862-1881). The Complete Court Cases thus also illuminate the interface and parallels between the establishment of a colonial education system and the introduction of colonial law.

The general value of reports of cases heard in magistrates' courts is implied, shown and discussed in A Magistrate's Court in Nineteenth Century Hong Kong (Proverse, 2005), in the chapters contributed by Gillian Bickley, Verner Bickley, Christopher Coghlan, Timothy Hamlett, Geoffrey Roper and Garry Tallentire, and by Sir T. L. Yang in his historical Preface.

The material and analysis in The Complete Court Cases of Magistrate Frederick Stewart creates an intangible archive of a particular period in Hong Kong's past, both confirming and extending our picture of Nineteenth Century Hong Kong. It also gives a historical perspective to our own varied lives and circumstances today.

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