JOCKEY by Gillian Workman

ISBN 978-962-85570-3-5
64pp. Pbk, 2 colour
18.4cm x12.2cm
1st published by Heinemann Far East, 1979.
Published by Proverse Hong Kong, 1986.
Original illustrations by Ann de Brackinghe.
Half and quarter page ills; 5 full-page ills. .
Questions and answers.
Hong Kong, China. Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club History. Apprentice Jockey Scheme. Family relationships. 20th Century.

A book for young readers (age 12 +) portraying relationships within and outside the family as well as the conflicts arising from the different value systems of various individuals within society.
Of interest also to those interested in the history of the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club.
Based on extensive research. (Names several RHKJC Officials who were consulted.) Also a story of honesty rewarded in the world of professional horse-racing.
Authentic details relevant to the history of the Hong Kong Jockey Club (formerly the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club), particularly the Apprentice Jockey Scheme introduced in the 1970's and events and RHKJC practices prior to the opening of the new racecourse in Shatin.
Half-page illustrations include one of the garage entrance to the Happy Valley Jockey Club-house & the Jockey Club Bea's River Country Club entrance
Newspaper (South China Morning Post) advertisement for Apprentice Jockey scheme applications facsimile
Apprentice Jockey scheme application form facsimile
Acceptance letter of an applicant to the Apprentice Jockey scheme facsimile on RHKJC letter head
Illustrated sketch map of the Happy Valley racecourse and club houses.

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