"WANNABE BACKPACKERS: The Latin American & Kenyan Journey of Five Spoiled Teenagers" by Gerald Yeung

ISBN: 978-988-17724-2-8.
Pbk. 164 pp.
5.83 in. wide by 8.27 in. high.
Published March 2009
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Gerald Yeung was born in California and raised in Hong Kong. After attending the prestigious St. Paul’s Co-educational College, Gerald graduated Cum Laude from Lawrenceville School, New Jersey, USA. He competed in the Lawrenceville soccer and swim teams and was named a New Jersey First Team All-State Swimmer in 2004. He recently graduated from Cornell University, where he majored in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. Ever since a summer internship at Saatchi & Saatchi, Gerald has wanted to be a writer. Wannabe Backpackers, his first book, is based on a backpacking journey with four of his best friends and was inspired by Che Guevara's, The Motorcycle Diaries. Regardless of his future career path, Gerald knows for sure that writing will continue to play a big part of his life.

Wannabe Backpackers tells the story of five self-confessed "spoiled teenagers" who travel to Latin America and Kenya one summer.

United by Gerald Yeung, the spiritual leader, the boys discover their true identity throughout the month-long journey:—Justin the narcissist, Lulu the shopaholic, DJ the womanizer (or so he thought), and Brian the modern Romeo. From Machu Picchu in Peru to the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, they do every fun thing they can think of, with the sky the limit. "Reckless" becomes their common middle name. At times, their patience and friendship are put to the test. Will they still be friends after ditching each other in a foreign country? Most important, will they eventually become backpackers?

Purchase and details link: Wannabe Backpackers

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