Book Proposal Entry Form

Before sending us your Book Proposal, please send us an Initial Enquiry giving us a brief summary of your book and two chapters from different parts of your work (opening and middle chapters). Also introduce yourself and tell us why you want us to publish your book.

We will normally reply to this within three weeks of receipt of your proposal. (If we take longer, please feel free to give us a nudge.) If we enjoy your idea and think you’d be a good match for Proverse we will suggest you send us a more detailed book proposal using the form below.

Proverse does not accept simultaneous submissions. When you send us your book proposal, please give us the time to respond before approaching other publishers. If you do receive an offer from another publisher, please inform us straight away so we can withdraw your proposal.

Please attach a brief bio/ CV to your completed Author’s Book Proposal Form. We will treat the contents as confidential and if we do not accept your submission we will destroy this document.

Book proposals are normally submitted directly by the author. If you are not the author, please explain what your relationship is with the author and the capacity in which you are submitting the proposal to us. (Eg translator)

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