Proverse Poetry Prize

Praise for Mingled Voices

‘An intriguing despatch from the front lines. – If, in Shelley’s famous phrase, poets are the ‘unacknowledged legislators of the world’, then perhaps these days they are the non-credentialed journalists of the inner experience of the pandemic.’

Jeff Streeter, when Director of the British Council, Hong Kong

‘One of the greatest gifts poetry offers is the realisation that we are not alone in the world – that our own lives, thoughts and experiences matter and are reflected in others. Poetry finds its most important place in times of greatest need. The challenges we face currently…seem to weigh so very heavily. For me, as a poet and as a reader, it is in these times that I turn to poetry to help me to reflect not only on the joy and beauty we can experience in the world around us, but also to remind me of our extraordinary ability, throughout the eons, as human beings, to always try to lean into the light. I commend the editors, and all of the poets in these pages, for raising a lantern in the darkness so that people…can continue to find human connection, solace and hope through the gift of poetry in our world.’

Anne Casey, Australia, First Prize Winner, Proverse Poetry Prize 2020

Mingled Voices 6 brings together diverse voices from across the world in an inspiring anthology – an anthology that, with each hidden gem, sustains the reader with its well-crafted beauty.’

Charles Lowe, PhD, Associate Professor/Dean, United International College, Zhuhai, China

‘The richness of the themes explored in this anthology and the compelling ways in which they emerge manifest the power of words. Quoting Joy al-Sofi in ‘Words’ , “Do they just connect/ Or do they separate?/ A bridge always goes both ways.” I believe, as Joy al-Sofi writes, that words can both unite and separate people, but I am certain that poetry can help us come together and heal, as we remove our shields, reimagine a better world, and inspire one another in shared humanity. The bridge of poetry will always connect those who are looking for shelter, and those who offer a helping hand.’

Paola Caronni, Proverse Prize Winner 2020

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