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Poems to Enjoy

Spanking Goals and Toe Pokes

Spanking Goals & Toe Pokes by Tommy Martin lists and humorously explains more than 800 of the sayings that football commentators use. This is an enjoyable reference tool which can increase readers’ understanding of English language football commentaries and colloquial English expressions in general. This book is for people of all ages who love watching football on television and/or listening to radio commentaries, and who would like some explanation of the meaning of some of the words and phrases which they hear, and which they certainly did not learn in school.


The book is suitable for young readers (12+) and portrays relationships within and outside the family as well as the conflicts arising from the different value systems of various individuals within society. The book is of broad interest to anyone interested in the history of the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club and is based on extensive research.

Mentoring Reversed

Mentoring Reversed by Peter Gregoire demonstrates how, through reverse mentoring, it is possible to build a deep understanding across generations and embed the values of diversity, humility, creativity and imagination into the culture of any organization.

Reverse mentoring has been doing the rounds in the corporate world for some years now, where it is used to introduce senior management to new technology and social media as business tools. Yet this only scratches the surface of what reverse mentoring can achieve.

Throwing two generations together in a reverse mentoring relationship creates one of the most powerful problem-solving dynamics at our disposal. It also provides a means for lifelong learning and controlled imagination. Most importantly, it can act as a key step in the character development of both participants and an opportunity for both to reflect on their true purpose in life.

A Personal Journey Through Sketching

ERROL PATRICK HUGH began sketching as a child. Throughout his architecture career in Canada and Hong Kong, he retained his passion for sketching. He encourages all to join him; to take up sketching for the pleasure and perceptiveness it will bring. His advice is, to put our digital cameras aside for a while, and focus our artistic and analytical skills to create a memoir of what we see. Using his own pairs of sketches and photographs as examples – with subjects in North America and Hong Kong as diverse as stilt houses and iconic modern architecture – he gives us personal tips on how to do it. The book is written in “sketching chapters”, chronologically telling the story of the author’s journey. It is lavishly detailed with more than fifty hand-drawn, on-site sketches, complimented with photographs and descriptions of the techniques of the author’s personal sketching process.

Hazel Brown: A Very Special Vet

Hazel Brown: A Very Special Vet by Jupy James is a picture story book for young children. Adults will enjoy reading it to children and older children will enjoy reading it by themselves. The detailed and bright water-colour illustrations bring to life an endearing story.

The character, Hazel James, is an ordinary young girl and aspiring vet who happens one day to discover a way to fulfil her greatest dream. 

Hazel’s father is a vet and it is his work that inspires Hazel’s love of animals. When playing with her own dog one day, she enters upon a journey and meets a leopard who is in need of some help. Hazel uses her knowledge, creativity and quick thinking to help her new friend and many other animals too. The story is gently paced, with humour and a trace of mystery to leave the reader enjoying the space between reality and childhood dreams.

Princess Flower

Princess Flower by Hasan Erkek is the first English translation of a play originally written and performed in Turkish in Turkey. In traditional tales, it is usually a prince who sets out on an adventure to prove himself and/or to achieve some noble outcome to benefit others. But in Princess Flower, it is a princess who undertakes the adventureencountering and overcoming obstacles, and showing her good qualities of character. Her rewards are the congratulations of her parents, the King and Queen, to see the flowers in her home country grow again, to enjoy the renewed flower harvest with her new husband, Prince Flower, and to reign with him as queen for the good of the people of the Land of Flowers.

Children of eight years old and over will enjoy reading and acting this prize-winning play, which has been professionally performed.

The Development of Education in Hong Kong

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