Proverse Prize Winners

Rebecca Tomasis for her novel Mishpacha – Family

Laura Solomon for her young adult novella Instant Messages

Gillian Jones for her novel A Misted Mirror

David Diskin for his novel The Village in the Mountains

Peter Gregoire for his novel, Article 109

Sophronia Liu for her collection of sketches A Shimmering Sea

Birgit Linder for her illustrated poetry collection Shadows in Deferment

James McCarthy for his biography, The Diplomat of Kashgar

Philip Chatting for his short story collection The Snow Bridge and Other Stories

Celia Claase for her essay and poetry collection The Layers Between

Lawrence Gray for his novel Adam’s Franchise

Gustav Preller for his novel Curveball: Life Never Comes at You Straight

Ivy Ngeow for her novel Cry of the Flying Rhino

Chi-shun Feng for his novel Three Wishes in Bardo

D.J. Hamilton for his poetry collection The Hummingbird Sometimes Flies Backwards

J.P. Linstroth for his poetry collection Epochal Reckonings

Jack Mayer for his poetry collection Poems from the Wilderness

George Watt for his novel The Finley Confession

Paola Caronni for her poetry collection Uncharted Waters

Vinita Agrawal for her poetry collection Twilight Language

Dami Jung for her novel Jane, Frank and Mia

Previous Winners of Supplementary Prizes (Publication)

Akin Jeje for Smoked Pearl: Poems of Hong Kong and Beyond (2010)

Jason S Polley for his poetry collection Refrain (2010)

Rupert Kwan Yun Chan for his autobiography Chocolate’s Brown Study in the Bag (2011)

Emily Ho for her Memoirs of an Ice-Cream Lady (2011)

Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming for Immortelle and Bhandaaraa Poems (2011)

L.W. Illsley for his young adult epic poem Astra and Sebastian (2011)

Sally Dellow for her poetry collection Wonder Wonder, Lust & Itchy Feet (2011)

Laura Solomon for her novel Hilary and David (2011)

Jason S Polley for Cemetery Miss You (2011)

Patricia W. Grey for her novel Death has a Thousand Doors (2011)

Dennis Wong for his novel Revenge From Beyond (2011)

Victor E. Apps for his young adult novella The Perilous Passage of Princess Petunia Peasant (2012)

Shahilla Shariff for her poetry collection Life-Lines (2012)

James Norcliffe for his poetry collection Shadow Play (2012)

Laura Solomon for her novella Vera Magpie (2012)

Patricia Glinton-Meicholas for her poetry collection Chasing Light (2013)

James Tam for his novel Man’s Last Song (2013)

Lawrence Gray for his collection of short stories Odds and Sods (2013)

Laura Solomon for her young adult novella University Days (2014)

Jupy James for her picture book Hazel Brown: A Very Special Vet (2014)

Jan Pearson for her novel Red Bird Summer (2014)

Andrew Guthrie for his poetry collection Alphabet (2015)

Jan Pearson for her novel Tiger Autumn (2015)

Henrik Hoeg for his poetry collection Irreverent Poems for Pretentious People (2016)

Jan Pearson for her novel Black Tortoise Winter (2016)

Hayley Ann Solomon for her poetry collection Celestial Promise (2017)

Damon Rose for his novel The Handover Murders (2018)

Hayley Ann Solomon for Under the Shade of the Feijoa Trees and Other Stories (2018)

Wayne Furlong for his memoirs Buddha is a Punk Skater (2018)

Sergio Monteiro for his novel Enoch’s Muse (2018)

Carolina Ilica for her poetry collection Violet (English Translation from Romanian) (2019)

Peter Humphreys for his novel Hong Kong Rocks (2019)

Nicolas Binge for his novel Professor Everywhere (2020)

John Asome for his history book Coolie Ships of the Chinese Diaspora 1846-1874 (2020)

Liam Blackford for his poetry collection A Gateway Has Opened (2021)

Vishal Nanda for his poetry collection Please Stand Back From The Platform Door (2021)

Penelope Pelham West for her edition of nineteenth century Letters, London letters Home (2021)

Melody Kemp for her young adult novella Tree Crime (2022)

J.P. Linstroth for his mixed genre short story and poetry collection Swimming in Blue Shadows (2022)

Nikhil Parekh for his poetry collection Seeking Solace (2022)

Published Finalist

Sheng-Wei Wang for her alternative history book The Last Journey of the San Bao Eunuch, Admiral Zheng He

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